Monday, November 1, 2010

Handmade Lace Jewelry ~ Artist Angie Winnicka

It warms my heart that there are still people making lace by hand. It's so beautiful. No machine could ever duplicate the artistry that comes from the imagination and talent of lace maker Angie Winnicka of Agasunset Studio.

I can't remember the exact occasion upon which I discovered Angie's work. I suspect I clicked on a link in twitter one day and found myself in her Etsy shop. I was so impressed, not only by her tatting, but by the originality of her work. I recognized immediately that I was gazing at the art of a true designer.

With each new creation, she seems to explore and expand the world of lace. Her pieces look delicate and sculptural and dare I say provocative. There is something alluring and emotional about her designs. You feel as if she has put her heart and soul into each one. It is incredibly unique to see that reflected so clearly in a person's work.

The picture I have here is of a pendant Angie sent to me. It's nice to be able to see the quality of her work up close, but this is really just a small sample. I would urge you to visit Agasunset Studio for a chance to admire her work more fully. I'm sure you will find yourself as captivated as I.

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