Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I've worn this hat for more halloweens than I can remember. It started when my kids were little and one of them wanted me to dress up too. They had some fabulous witch's hats in the store that year and so this has been my costume ever since. A couple of times I've suggested that maybe I should go as something other than a witch, but this idea has always been rejected by my youngest son.

I was struck by how routine it felt getting dressed this morning. My black and orange striped socks, my black mini skirt, a black top that flares at the sleeves and comes to a point in the front and back; all these pieces come together to form my basic look. Then I dig out my black cat earrings which are worn exactly once a year. I add on a necklace with a gnarled felt pendant that looks rather wicked. Now that my kids are older, I can get away with darker make-up and my long hair just seems to fit the part, but it's the hat that brings it all together. What is a witch without a proper witch's hat?

To to my fellow witches and all the creatures of the night, have a Happy Halloween!

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