Monday, November 15, 2010

Tatting Class 3 With Size 80 Thread

Yesterday I shared my tatting progress in the form of a butterfly. Class 3 in my Learn to Tat book was all about making joined loops. The thing is, I've been teaching myself with size 10 crochet cotton and even some larger cottons. Technically, I haven't been tatting lace yet, not until today.

The last time I was near a Michaels, I ran in and purchased some size 80 tatting thread. I might have gone with a 60 or a 70, but Micheals didn't have a very good selection. It was size 8 or size 80 and nothing in between. I wanted to try my hands out on some real tatting thread. It doesn't get much finer than size 80, so I knew I was in for a challenge.

I decided to take a picture of my lacy little butterfly next to the larger size from yesterday. That way you can see just how great the difference is. Yesterday's butterfly was made from a DK mercerized cotton. It looks sort of bumbling and huge next to the teeny tiny butterfly made from the size 80 tatting thread.

I was pleased with how well I adjusted to the fine thread. My hands felt comfortable right away. I guess a double knot is a double knot. What was more challenging was getting the loops right next to each other. This little butterfly is actually my third try. The loops were okay in my first two, but even a tiny length of space between the them ruins the butterfly form. I had to keep trying until I got it nice and tight. I'm such a perfectionist even when I'm learning something new. I can be pretty hard on myself.

I'm sure I nearly went cross-eyed more than once this morning. I'm not really planning on making lots of really fine lace, but if I change my mind about that, a magnifying glass is in my future! For now, I'm just enjoying the learning process.


Sonia said...

Thank you for sharing this tatting "journey". I didn't read at first because I didn't want to get "hooked" on yet another fiber art. But here I am. And now I gotta try this, too. I think I could do it!

I'm so excited!

Jenn said...

Hi Sonia. I totally know what you mean about not needing another craft! I'm really getting into this though. I can already see lots of ways to incorporate tatting into my designs.

I also like the idea of making simple little treats like butterfly earrings. Wouldn't that be cute? :D

Mimi Crichton Hollar said...

I love both the butterflies...but the little guys are super cute! Where do i get this book so I can learn this...thanks Jenn for always being here!!!
Hugs, mimi

Neferi said...

Very nice and interesting ♥.

Gina said...

Size 80 is pretty small to practice with but it's a good 6 cord thread. If you can find or order online a 6 cord thread, you'll find it very easy to tat with. The typical size 10 you find in the stores tends to be fuzzy and doesn't slide as easily. Cebelia is a 3 cord thread but works well. I think I've seen that in size 10 at Michael's. There is a resource link in the sidebar of my blog that might help you locate thread. Also, Fox on Tatology runs a thread exchange that could provide you with some samples to try out.