Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Firestar Samplers for a Touch of Sparkle!

I've got Firestar Samplers back in stock. I've been so busy this week that I guess I was bound to have a mental moment at some point. Well, when I was putting my samplers together, I made them half the size that I normally do. So if you are used to my normal samplers, you need to order two of these to get the same amount of Firestar. Oopsie!

Every time I make Firestar samplers I am struck by two things. One ~ Samplers are a lot of work to put together. & Two ~ I love each sampler even more than the one before! It's all the color and the sparkle that really does it for me. They're just little wrapped up pieces of sparkly goodness!

In this sampler I've included: Gypsy Wine, Crimson, Burnt Orange, Yellow Gold, Kelly Green, Spruce, Night Blue, Violet and Silver. I love the mix of warms and cools in this pack. The Silver and Yellow Gold are a must have and then there's the lovely Night Blue and that gorgeous Gypsy Wine. I can just see the sparkling yarn now, and don't forget, Firestar will needle felt too!

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