Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello From Seattle

Hello, I don't have a lot of fiber news to share, but I start to suffer withdrawal symptoms if I go too long without blogging.

I'm in Seattle this weekend visiting family and friends. I took this picture with my iPhone from the waterfront. Pretty good for a phone, huh?

This is my fourth trip to Seattle and I always feel at home here. I love the city and I feel I blend in well. This notion is heightened when each time I see my sister, she tells me I dress very Seattle.

I gave her my Drape Front Vest prototype. I crocheted it with her figure in mind. I don't have a picture of her wearing it (she tried it on over a plaid shirt and I didn't want to ask her to change into something that would go with the vest), but it looked good and I feel that I only have minor changes to make before I'll be happy with the overall design.

I'm looking forward to my last full day here. The sky is grey and the air is misty and threatening to rain. In other words, very Seattle weather. Unfortunately I don't have time to check out any yarn shops or Earth Hues, maybe my next trip. This weekend is just about family fun.

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