Saturday, October 2, 2010

Craft Show Discoveries ~ Part I

I was out and about with my boys this afternoon and noticed that the local high school was hosting a craft show. Since my move to Arizona, I've attended a few art venues, but nothing so close to home. This was my chance to see what the crafts people here in my own town are making.

I found some really fun things, so I thought I'd feature a few of the artists with a series of posts. Today for Part I, I have the mixed media art of
MEU & FRIENDS. Her work stood out as original and striking amongst the more standard craft show fare.

Her display included art dolls and teddy bears but they were more than just dolls, they were more like art installations. Each doll was surrounded by accessories that became part of their personality. On the edge of her table were a couple of cuff bracelets. They were made from fabric and embellished with beads and colorful threads. I love cuffs and whimsy, so these had my name written all over them!

The clock face drew me in. I haven't worn a watch for years, but I think clocks are graphically excellent. I love that I can wear this watch and still not be a slave to time. The best kind of clock is a pretend one! I'm also having a good time driving my 10 year old crazy. I keep going up to him, holding up my cuff bracelet and asking him for the time. Then I wait a few seconds and say, "What time is it now?"

I love the colors and all of the little details. I think it's great that she even took care to pick a cool button. Nothing makes me crazier than when people make art pieces and then throw on a sad looking button.

You can see more art by MEU & FRIENDS in her shop on Etsy or click on the link above to visit her website. Oops, it's 1:50. I gotta go...

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Jenice Maria Grimes said...

Thank you so much Im sorry i was not there to meet you I had to work some of the show passing out Bags:) I will be there Sunday i hope you can come by and meet me. I have all the work that was at the show on mu website im working on getting everything on my etsy :)Thank you for the blog:) Jenice Grimes Meu & Frineds