Monday, August 2, 2010

Moroccan Bead Earrings

Feel like you're seeing double? No, it's just Kaino, my ceramic friend, modeling my latest earrings. These are made with handwoven Moroccan beads that are smaller than the ones from my previous post. I like that they are sort of dainty looking. I also have one more color of the larger beads, so I made those up too.

Here they are in this pretty wine color. I really like this style and if I get back to the folk festival next year, I'll buy more of these beads. They are so well constructed and I love the pumpkin shape of them.

I'm still playing around and testing out these woven beads. They're so pretty, but they also seem to need anchoring. I'm exploring end caps and other findings, looking for those perfect matches. I'm sure I'll have more designs to share. When I have a little inventory, I'll be adding some to my Etsy shop.

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