Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hand Painted Merino/Angora/Silk

I have more painted roving to share today. I've really enjoyed working with this blend of Merino, Silk and Angora. This is one of those fibers where it just makes me sad that all I can do is take a picture. It would be so much nicer if you could feel it. It's so soft. I love wool blends because you have the workability of the wool with the added luxury of silk and in this case angora. They are so wonderful together.

On the left is a colorway that I have dyed before. I call this Caspian Sea. I can't seem to get enough of sapphire and violet together and my customers seem to like it too. On the right is Out To Play. I had a hard time naming this one, but when I looked at these colors together, they seemed youthful to me. I thought of a playground full of happy children. Of course we grown-ups like to play too, so that's how Out To Play came to be.

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