Thursday, August 19, 2010

BFL in Four Cool Colors

This has been a busy week. Altogether I've dyed 10 shades of Blue Faced Leicester for the shop. Today I'm finishing off with these four cool colors. From left to right we have Violet, Spruce, Silver and Night Blue.

Next week I'll be moving on to blended fibers like Merino/Silk. I haven't decided exactly what I want to do yet. I may do some painting.

Also, to let you know what's coming, I have soy silk on order. I'll be replenishing my inventory there. I'll also be adding more colors of Louet's Northern Lights. If you are unfamiliar with this fiber, it's pencil roving that is comparable to Corriedale and dyed in different colorways. It's very nice for beginning spinners and I like to keep some on hand. It's good grab and go fiber if you know what I mean. If you have a meeting or are waiting while the kids are taking classes, you can pop a drop spindle and a few ounces of Northern Lights in a bag and have something to keep your hands happy. I'll post pictures of the new colors as soon as they come in.

I have one more new item to share today. While I was dyeing my BFL, I got inspired to whip up a little Firestar too. I dyed some Silver and I also dyed this Jet Black.

Firestar is a nylon roving with about a 4" staple length. It adds lots of sparkle to your projects. You can spin it on its own or add it as you spin your wool or any other fiber. I should warn you though, Firestar can be very addictive!

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