Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stuck At My Desk Post

I'm just kind of stuck at my desk right now, but I have been giving some thought as to what I might explore for next year. As each year comes to an end, I start to think about how I might make the next one even better. What new products can I add to Wind Rose Fiber Studio? What are the fiber artists looking for?

Right now I'm thinking about making a line of naturally dyed roving. There would be more cost involved, but I think people like having the option of buying a product that has been dyed with ingredients from nature. I'm also contemplating offering hand painted roving in larger lots, say 3 or 4oz. I may play around with different dye methods. Lastly, I really want to do more spinning. I love spinning yarn and sometimes it takes a back seat to my other work. I want to move it back up as a priority. I think spinning is good for my health. Nothing makes me happier and more at peace.

Just sharing my thoughts...

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