Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Loom In A Tube!

This is so cool! Really, you can buy a loom in a tube! I am so excited to share this with you!

A couple days ago I as looking at the Fibers Through Time 2010 conference information. I'm not going to be able to attend so I was basically checking out what I'll be missing. As I was scrolling down the list of vendors, one caught my eye. That one was Loom In A Tube.

After my last TelaraƱa Weavers and Spinners Guild meeting, I've been seriously considering making a loom just like this one. A couple of renown weavers gave presentations, one of which did her work on a loom like this. I had even gone so far as to find some instructions online for building my own.

That was before I discovered the wonderful Loom in a Tube. I just like saying "Loom in a Tube!" They have done all of the work for me. They've measured and cut the pipes. They've assembled all of the hardware. They have even included ruled ends to help me measure my warp. I love that!

OK, so they didn't make it just for me. *giggle* They made it for everyone! In their own words,

"The Loom in a Tube is constructed of extremely lightweight aluminum, with a non-tarnishing gold anodized finish. The loom features a shedding device to create 2 sheds when weaving with yarn. It can also be used for weaving with beads by simply leaving off the shedding device. A tension control device keeps the warp tight throughout the weaving process.

Each Loom in a Tube comes with an illustrated manual giving step-by-step instructions to help you assemble the loom and put on the warp. Also included are a tapestry bobbin, heddle-maker and string for making heddles."

The dimensions of the loom are as follows:
12" wide by 20" long
Maximum weaving size: 10" wide by 30" long

I just had to share this discovery with you. How sublime to have a lightweight loom that you can take anywhere and store easily. I've already ordered mine. I cant' wait to get my Loom in a Tube in the mail and put it together. I'm looking forward to many happy hours of weaving!

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