Monday, December 14, 2009

Spirited Chalice ~ Painted Roving in the Works!

Ah, its Monday afternoon on the other side of a December weekend full of holiday shopping, baking and wrapping. I found myself with a free hour and it felt so good to reconnect with my roving and dye friends. Of course I'm speaking of actual jars of dye and wool roving and not people, but they are friends to me!

I'm starting to dream up some colorways for a line of painted roving which I plan to add to my inventory at Wind Rose. I'm going to document them here so I can easily keep track of what I've done. I suppose you could make up an almost endless amount of designs, but I will be happy if I come up with say seven or so that people really like.

So please feel free to weigh in. Say to me "Jenn, that one's great!" or "Back to the drawing board, friend!" I know it's kind of hard to tell while its in a pan soaking wet, but I'll be back to post pictures when it's all fluffy and dry. So really, tell me what you want. It's your opportunity to shape what goes into Wind Rose Fiber Studio. If this one passes through, I may call it Spirited Chalice. Too weird? It has that pewter goblet color filled with blush and burgundy. Ok, now I'm thirsty.

1 comment:

Heather said...

Jenn--It's a gorgeous color combination!
...very evocatively named, too-you poet, you!! :)