Friday, December 18, 2009

Creekwood Ranch ~ That's More Like It!

Say hey! Here we go! This is just what I wanted. This, my friends, is my neighborhood in painted Merino roving. This is Creekwood Ranch!

I have to say it. I am THRILLED with how this turned out. I changed the colorway so that the orange works into the yellow and then back into the orange again. This is representational of our sunny Mexican Bird of Paradise. The pink is a little darker which I like because not only do we have bushes with little pale pink flowers, but we also have these amazing and vibrant Bougainvilleas.

It's really fun for me to see all of these colors come together. I'm sharing something I love, in essence, my home. This will be my third Christmas here in Arizona. The thing that surprised and pleased me the most upon moving here was all of the amazing colors of this landscape. It's simply radiant!

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