Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Silk is in a Polyvore Set

Browns and Oranges

I was just checking my mail today when I noticed a nice little note from withourhands. She was writing to let me know that I was included in her Polyvore set. My first thought was "What's Polyvore?"

I'm still checking it out for myself, but it looks like a fun place and a great way to shop. You can design sets of your favorite items and promote sellers you like. There are many ways to search for what you want and then you can see it paired with complimentary accessories. I love how visual and creative it looks. I can see how people would enjoy designing their own Polyvore sets. And if you're buying, it's like having the help of a personal shopper. Cool!

I'm very grateful to have been included in this one. Do you see my little round Burnt Orange Tussah Silk Roving? It reminds me of the "I Spy" books I used to look at with the kids, the ones with fabulous picture collages. It's so nice of withourhands to promote so many ArtFire artisans. Thank you for supporting the handmade community!

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