Friday, February 20, 2009

The Princess Poncho (pink w/multi color fur trim - 1-2yrs)

Before the Christmas holiday, I started exploring other selling venues and I began to reorganize my shop at Wind Rose Fiber Studio. I used to keep everything I made in one place. It was convenient, but the problem was that my fiber studio was just bursting at the seams.

I spent hours deleting and relisting. I was OK with the idea of spreading myself out and managing multiple shops. Then the unexpected happened, I found myself in the position of taking on a new job this January. Now, all of the sudden, what once seemed do-able, now seems like too much.

So now I'm back at it. I've decided to maintain three stores. My Fiber Studio will house all of my dye work as well as commercial products for those who like to buy natural fibers and do their own dyeing. I have my Art Yarn shop which is dedicated only to my hand spun yarn. And thirdly, the Boutique where I keep all of my crochet, felt and weaving work.

Slowly, in my spare time, I'm listing my inventory back into their proper new abodes. Today I just started listing my little Princess Ponchos. The one pictured here is so sweet and made for 1-2 year olds. Selling these used to be my favorite part of doing craft shows. I had this standing mirror which I had painted purple with silver stars. The little girls would try on the ponchos and twirl in front of the mirror. After the first of these shows I started calling this cape The Princess Poncho because that is what I saw on those sweet faces. The were all little princesses!

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