Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spinning On The Road

It's after dark here in the suburbs of Phoenix and a terrible time for taking pictures. If you would be so kind, imagine all of the yellows in this particular shot are white and you'll have a better idea of the yarn I'm making. I realize I could just wait until morning, but it just makes me crazy how hard it is for me to carve out time to blog these days. It's crazy really. A year ago blogging was barely on my radar and now I feel as if something is missing when I can't find the time.

So I'm returning from five days on the road. A trip more sad than the usual excursion, but like all others, I had with me something for my hands. I'm amazed by how many people do not travel with handiwork because I would be lost without it. I don't always even work on my project, I just need to know it's there. My funny little niddy noddy shaped drop spindle has become my favorite airplane pal. Of course with it's funky shape you don't get the same spin as you would with a traditional spindle, but you can't exactly spin at full speed flying coach on an airplane anyway.

I actually took two spindles on this trip. In addition to my fore mentioned friend, I took my Turkish drop spindle. You may remember my Turkish Drop spindle from a post I wrote months ago, but here's one of the pictures to refresh your memory. That little ball of yarn has more than tripled in size since this photo. I'm determined to make it a nice two ply with a decent yardage, so I'll probably take a few more trips with this guy before I'm ready to blog about the next phase of his life.

I have to admit that this trip took it out of me a bit and now I'm struggling to get back into the swing of things. So I'm focusing on balance these days and the wonderful feeling that comes when it is accomplished. Maybe another night or two of good sleep and I'll be restored to my enthusiastic self.


Jags said...

Hmm I've never seen a niddy noddy spindle! That is the neatest idea ever! I bet with some tweaking on the balance and wood thickness it could be a pretty good spindle!

Jenn said...

It's actually not bad. It's very light and pretty well balanced. I just always think that a serious drop spindle spinner would look and it and laugh.