Monday, February 2, 2009

Three O'Clock Cheese Plate

I rarely go off topic here at the Wind Rose Fiber Studio blog, but I'm in a sharing mood today. This past weekend my husband and I took the family to downtown Phoenix to play at The Arizona Science Center and see the planetarium show. By lunch time we were starved, so we went to one of the little eateries in Heritage Square. We order the cheese plate appetizer and were brought the loveliest collection of crackers and bread with several cheeses and fresh fruit.

As we all feasted, I couldn't help but relish in the parental thrill of watching my boys hungrily consuming healthy food. In the back of my head, I made a plan. We could do this everyday. What if, when my kids are done with a long day of school and come home hungry, they are greeted with a custom cheese plate? It could have all their favorites. They could graze on brain foods as they do their homework!

It's not that the snacks have been that bad in the past, but this is just raising it to a higher level. And after a big, nutritious afternoon treat, a lighter dinner would make the perfect ending to a healthful day.

Oh, I just can't resist pointing out that there is fiber on the plate, so I'm still Fiber Woman! :D

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agoodwitchtoo said...

LOL... still the Fiber woman... tee hee.

Now I'm insanely hungry! That would make the perfect snack after a long day at school. Healthy to boot.

Big hugs for you! We've missed you.