Monday, February 23, 2009

Beaded Happy Green Handspun Yarn

I've been talking a lot lately about how busy I've become and it's true. I do have more on my plate than I used to, but I'm still making time for what I love. Making beaded yarn is one of those things. There is just something about it I really enjoy. It's much more time consuming than just sitting down to spin a skein, but I enjoy the designing aspect. Before I even get started, I have to take out my bead collection and see what I have. In the case of this new yarn, I found myself with 4 ounces of extra Happy Green Merino.

The last time I was dyeing, I made four ounces of Happy Green not realizing I still had some of this color in my inventory. At first I was frustrated with myself for taking the time to dye a color that I didn't even need. Then it struck me. I'm a spinner. It was a giant DUH! moment for me. Having too much roving is not a bad problem to have. Sometimes I forget that I have a fiber studio in my house that would make most spinners and felters drool.

So, knowing I would be using green, I hunted through my beads and picked a string of small, round natural stones. The colors looked lovely with the green. I started off by spinning a single of the green with the stones spun right in. I've kind of developed my own method for bead spinning which involves achoring the beads into place as I spin. At this point, I could have left it as a single, but I thought the skein needed a little more depth. One of the colors I use when I dye Happy Green is emerald. I went to my studio and found an ounce of Emerald Green Merino. I spun another thin single. Then I plied the two together.

I'm so pleased with the outcome of this yarn. In one way it's rather monochromatic. From a distance you might just think you're looking at green yarn. Come closer and you see the two tones of harmonious green. Then there's the extra surprise of the little stone beads. The twist is perfectly set and the Merino wool is so soft. Perhaps it's just because green has always been my favorite color, or maybe it's just my most recent creation, but I am loving this new yarn. I think I might have to make mistakes when I'm dyeing more often!


Laura said...

That is so pretty! I bought a drop spindle and have been working on spinning. It is fun but I think for now I am only going to have one ply chunky yarn. :)
On another subject. I have a wool that I think I may have got from you but I do not remember for sure. If I send you a picture of it do you think you would know? It is o pretty I want more. lol

Jenn said...

Hi Laura,

I'd be happy to try to identify the wool. If you want, use the contact through my Esty store. It makes it pretty easy to attach a picture.

Everyone starts with thick and thin singles. The funny thing is, after you've been spinning for awhile, it becomes really hard to spin thick yarn. Every so often, I'll be in the mood to make a worsted single and I just can't make my hands do it. LOL!