Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The 2012 Ornament Project ~ April

I've been saving this design for April in honor of that old saying, April showers bring May flowers.
The Falling Raindrop Ornament looks so pretty hanging from the tree.  It has that icicle effect and just imagine if they were made in sparkling silver or gold.  These crochet up quickly and as an added bonus, there are no loose ends to sew.  I think you're going to like this one! 

Falling Raindrop

Yarn of choice and appropriately sized hook, scissors

If you need a stitch guide or help with the abbreviations, Crochet 'N' More is a great resource for all of the basics. 

Ch 19
Row 1:  5 sc in second ch from hook
Row 2:  (working in the round and skipping over the beg ch) 2 sc in each st around = 10 sc
Row 3:  sc around = 10 sc

Completing Raindrop:  *sc dec, sc* 5 times (decrease rounds), sl st into back loop of beg ch #13, 3 sc in back loop of each beg ch until you reach the first.  Insert hook in back loop of 1st ch, pull up a loop, cut working yarn leaving 4 or 5 inches, yarn over with both the working yarn and the beginning tail end, pull through both loops on hook.  Tie an overhand knot to create loop for hanging.

That's all there is to it.  Give your raindrop a little tug to extend the spirals.  Also, and this is just a personal taste kind of thing, I like to keep the hanging loop on this ornament pretty small.  I make it just big enough to fit over the end of a branch.  That way the raindrop looks like it's falling right from the tree branch.  

I hope you've enjoyed making the Falling Raindrop ornament!


elenor said...

thanks you for sharing this cute pattern. I found it via pinterest!
best wishes

Anonymous said...

This is so very cute - I can't wait to start making them!!

LeAnnW said...

I am going to use this on the beanie hats I am making that have the ear flaps on them. Instead of braiding and leaving the ends loose, I will use your teardrop. Can't wait to try it. Thanks

Unknown said...

Just love it! Thanks for sharing!