Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Antique Textile Spools Repurposed

In Part II of my Home Fibers series, I talked about my Mother-in-law's antique spool collection.  I inherited five of these spools and brought them home not knowing how I would display them.  I thought I would just show them off in a grouping on a shelf or maybe use them as candle holders.  Then I got an idea.

I decided to use them around my bath.  I must be in bathroom remodel mode because this is the same room for which I just crocheted a new rug.  I guess bathrooms are fun to fix up because they are small.  Anyway, back to the spools.  I put candles in three of them because candlelit baths are always nice.  A large one with wide ends has become a soap holder.  Next, I got the idea to wrap washcloths around a couple of the smaller spools.  That little notion made me very happy.  In my book, its just quirky enough to be cool.  

Now my bath feels very luxurious.  I put some bubble bath in a little Mexican ceramic creamer that a friend gave me.  It has painted peacock feathers and is very sweet.   Next to that is a bowl of dead sea salts because I love how salts soothe my skin.  It's like my own little spa.  It's even more special to me with the addition of the textiles.  There's nothing like relaxing surrounded by the things you love!  

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