Monday, August 1, 2011

Border Leicester Locks

I'm so excited about my latest fiber purchase. The box arrived today and I've already scoured the enclosed 3.75 pounds of Border Leicester Locks. Here they are drying in the sun. These are far and away the prettiest locks I've ever come across. They are from a flock that has won Supreme Grand Champion ribbons for their fleece quality and the condition of the animals.

These locks have a wonderful curl and have obviously been expertly shorn. They have about a 4" staple length and range between 30 and 38 microns. The shepherd had spinners in mind when she triple picked these locks. Not only are they the most gorgeous locks, but they're the cleanest as well. I scoured them very gently so as not to break up those stunning locks.

Once the locks are dry, I'll be selling some in the shop at Wind Rose. Also, when I get a chance, I dye some too. With over three pounds, there's plenty to share!