Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tatting Class

I'm excited to show you my progress! I went from awkwardly shuttling my first double stitches to making rings and picots with relative ease. I've now completed the first two classes in my Learn to Tat book.

I am doing my best to stay disciplined and take it step by step. Typically, I get overconfident and jump ahead or move too quickly. Then I ultimately find myself needing to go back and figure out what I missed. I think my tatting will be much better if I take my time and practice.

I just got my tatting needles in the mail today. I went a little tatting crazy on Amazon. I'm going to need a little basket or special place just for my tatting supplies. The presence of the needles is going to make it harder for me to focus on my shuttling. I want to do both, now. I'm such an impatient student!

One more thing, in my online travels, I came across this really nice crochet site called Crochet Memories. They have a wonderful page of Thread Information that includes terminology, thread varieties and even some recommended brands of thread. I just thought I'd share that with you. It seems like a nice reference to keep bookmarked.

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