Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hair Jewelry

This is about as close as I get to putting pictures of myself on my blog. *giggle* For the last couple weeks, I've been playing around making hair jewelry.

I have long hair, but I'm not a pony tail girl. I don't even like hair clips really, but I've always liked hair jewelry. When I was younger, I sometimes took sections of my hair and wrapped them in string or ribbon. Of course that's a good way to end up with tangled, damaged hair.

Then a couple weeks ago, I was at a Native American pow wow and got inspired. Some of the women were selling hair clips with beads dangling from one end. I bought a pair and then later chastised myself for the purchase. I know I'll never wear them no matter how cute they are because I'm just not a hair clip person.

Then I got to thinking. What I really liked about the clips was the beadwork, so why not attach beads to something I will wear. So I bought some medium hair elastics and did some bead stringing of my own.

Now I realize I just made pony tail holders and they could be used for braids or pony tails, but I like to wear them wrapped around a section of my hair just behind the ear. They get to hang down loose and free just like the rest of my hair. It's a subtle bit of bling or as I like to call it, hair jewelry.

I guess it's sort of a bohemian look, but that's kind of my style. Neither me nor my hair shall be bound by social conventions. Some pretty sparkling beads on the other hand, well... that's okay.


Linda said...

Love it! Your pendant is beautiful too. Nice job on the 'ropes'

Linda said...

Do you sell this hair jewelry? If so, I would love to make a purchase.

Jenn said...

I'm afraid I don't sell them, but they were easy to make. Basic beading magazines offer all of the skills you need to make your own. Since making these two, I have thought it would be nice to make them on a lobster clasp so it could continue to be used even if the hair band wore out. I would also recommend to keep weight in mind. The weight of beads can add up quickly. Fabric beads make nice accents.