Monday, June 8, 2009

Underwater Fantasy (3oz/150 handspun yards)

I think of Underwater Fantasy as my signature design at Wind Rose Art Yarn. It is truly unique and full of sparkle. What makes this yarn so special is that it contains close to 200 beads and shells spun right into the 150 yards of fiber from end to end. In every yard, give or take a few inches, you will encounter, fresh water pearls, tiny conch, glass beads, mother of pearl and little shell pebbles.

The yarn is a single ply blend of Merino in Sapphire, Happy Green, Raspberry and purple. There are also three colors of Sparkling Firestar; Sapphire, Raspberry and Gold. The weight of the yarn is comparable to a light worsted or DK and the shells and beads are anchored into the spin of the fiber.

This skein also comes with a 33 yard companion skein of the same single ply fiber only without the shells and beads. It can be used as a trim for your project or however you wish.

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Unknown said...

it is SO beautiful!