Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spirit Jump Bracelet

Lately, you've been seeing the words Spirit Jump on my blog quite a bit. It is an organization I have joined whose mission is to care for the inner spirit of those struggling with life threatening illness; specifically, but not limited to, cancer.

The bracelet you see here is one that I designed to send to someone in need of a "jump". I don't think I can honestly imagine what someone goes through when they are literally struggling against a disease to stay alive. I've seen it and I've been close to it, but I personally have not lived it.

I don't often get very personal here on my blog, but something I will share is that I don't tend to be a joiner. I'm not a recluse. I think most of my circle would describe me as outgoing and extroverted. Myers Briggs would confirm their point of view, but in spite of this nature, I don't tend to join groups. I think the reason is that it can be overwhelming for me. I tend to feel things deeply and I have a great amount of conviction for what I believe. To be a part of a group, I almost feel like I have to be a lesser version of myself. I have to tone "me" down.

I'm sharing this because it is the reason why it feels remarkable to me that I just jumped right in to being a Spirit Jumper. I have to say that I am not feeling overwhelmed by being part of this group. I feel grateful for this opportunity to connect with other people on a spiritual level. I think it is creatively appealing for me as well. I live to do something; make something. Spirit Jump has created this avenue for me to feel, do and create. What an incredible offering.

Having said all this, I will add that I ponder over the lives of people who do join many different groups. I wonder how they manage their lives. Personally, I try to set very achievable goals for myself. If I exceed them, great, but it's alright if I just make my goal. To help me steady my life which consists of marriage, kids, business, family and friends, I have set a goal of one Spirit Jump a week. I know there are many who do more. Maybe there are some who do less. For me it feels like what I can reasonably maintain. There are so many things I love in life. I am always seeking to master the supreme art of balance!

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Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

I think it's wonderful that you've joined this group - and I love the bracelet!