Monday, June 1, 2009

Firestar Now Listed!

It took all morning, but the Firestar is now listed in the shop at Wind Rose. I have to be the only shop on Etsy with 2 pages worth of dyed Firestar!

So now, before I go running and screaming from my computer (I'm so tired of sitting here!), I've got some links for you.

All of the Firestar can be found in the Craft Fiber section of my store. Let me give you direct links to the samplers. There is a Super Sampler with 16 colors. There is a regular Sampler with 12 colors and I made up one Mini Sampler with 4 colors.

That's all the Firestar news for now. Remember I've got new fibers on the way too. Awesome new things to try like super soft Camel and Merino/Yak. Summer is my time to build up my stock because I know for many crafters it's when they gear up for fall. I want you to have all the fiber supplies your hearts desire!

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