Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Whimsical Glass and Metal Chain

Yesterday I finally got back on the blogging horse after half a month's absence. I'm definitely going through one of those unfocused periods where my creative time is scattered in all directions. I have some plans for fiber related projects that I am preparing, but today, I'm making this whimsical glass and metal chain.

My attention is still focused on my backyard spruce and spiff. I have a double swing that sits next to our pool which used to have an umbrella. We get some terrible windstorms here in the southwest and the umbrella portion of my swing is now a casualty of one such storm. The swing seems a bit naked without its topper, so I am making it some jewelry. When my chain is complete, I'll wrap it around the top cross bar. The pieces of stained glass should dangle and catch the light. Perhaps then my swing will look happily dressed.

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