Monday, March 14, 2011

Tatted Charm Bracelet

I'm really in love with tatting these days. It's still new and exciting and there are so many possibilities to explore. I knew I wanted to bring tatting supplies on this vacation. What I didn't know is how the airline would feel about my tatting needle. Tatting needles aren't sharp, but they are long and metal, so to be safe, I packed a tatting needle size of which I have two into my carry on bag. So, for the small percent of people out there who might be wondering if they can tat on their next plane ride, I can tell you that mine made it through security. My bag was examined once, and the security person mumbled something like, "just when you think you've seen everything...", but they let my needle through.

I didn't have any particular tatting project planned, so I just started making little shapes. Then I got to thinking that it would be cute to make a charm bracelet. I could tat the charms and then attach them when I tatted the chain. With this in mind I began tatting little flowers and leaves giving them stems. I created an oversize join space on each stem so it could serve my purpose and look like a little leaf all at once. After I had my charms completed, I strung them onto my bracelet chain thread along with a lobster clasp.

My bracelet is a series of short, curved chains and split rings. I alternated the curve of the chains so that one would go to the left and the next to the right and then back and forth. This way it took on the appearance of a winding vine. I joined my charms in the middle of each chain. Since the chains alternate in direction, the charms follow suit and really give it that charm bracelet look. I ended with a ring so that the lobster clasp would have a place to join. It turned out very cute. I'm already working on a second one. Now that I know how many charms I need to make a bracelet of a certain size, I can better plan my colors and pattern. I'm thinking it will make a nice thank you gift for the neighbor who is collecting my mail.


chrisartist said...

Your work is beautiful.
I have never tried tatting but have seen ladies working at craft fairs here in Tasmania.

Mimi said...

Love this ... so spring like !!!