Friday, March 4, 2011

Crimson & Russet Merino

I don't usually post this much in one day, but I feel I'm making up for lost time. The sun shining through my windows has me energized!

I told you I'd be dyeing a lot this weekend. I'm starting at the top of the rainbow and working through the reds and pinks. By Sunday I should be able to take a group picture so you can see all of the wonderful shades of red available. This is part of my ongoing efforts to get my Merino roving fully stocked. When I'm done, they will be over 40 different colors to choose from!

For now, enjoy these reds. On the top is Crimson which is a pink based, cooler red. On the bottom is Russet. This is a warmer tone. I also have Holiday Red dyeing on the stove right now as well as the hottest of hot pinks. I can't wait until they are all ready!

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