Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Red Multi Firestar

New at Wind Rose, Red Multi Firestar! I usually dye my own Firestar, but I ordered some of this dyed red multi from Ashland Bay for a spinning project I'm working on. I have more than I need so I am offering the rest to my customers. If people fall in love, I'll add it to my regular inventory.

What is Firestar? It's a sparkling nylon fiber, created like roving with a generous (around 4") staple length. It can be spun on its own for a shimmering skein of yarn that would be stunning for warm weather garments. More commonly, it is used to add sparkle to projects. A little Firestar can go a long way. Simply tease loose the fibers and introduce them sparingly to your roving as you spin. The end result will be a skein of yarn full of lustrous shine. Firestar blends incredibly well with other fibers and will even needle felt!

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