Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day Dyeing ~ Landscapes Dye's Primaries

Happy New Year! It's 2010 and how am I starting the new year? I'm dyeing!

Over the past few weeks the requests have been rolling in and I have begged my customers to give me until January. Today it is January and I'm all about following through.

I'll be dyeing today using both Jacquard and Landscapes dyes. Some will be straight from the jar and others will be my own personal recipes.

When I read the profiles of other dyers, some take pride in dyeing only from the primaries and black. I respect their commitment to scientific dyeing, but I kind of do both. If a company like Kraft Kolour, the manufacturer of Landscapes, has created a gorgeous color, I'll go ahead and use it. If the color I'm after doesn't already exist, then I don't think twice about designing it myself. At this point, the inventory of colors I offer is about 50/50 premade to personally made.

The picture I have here today is of Landscapes Dyes. These are 36 of the 66 colors they offer. (You can click on the picture to see the colors better.) I sell them in 10g lots at Wind Rose. Recently I had a customer ask about these dyes. She wanted to know which ones were the primary colors. I didn't know the official primaries of the line so I inquired. Kraft Kolour responded:

"Primaries in the Landscapes are – Wattle, Desert Pea & Marine. The Marine Blue is a little reddish so you can get Tarragon or Ice for your greens. For turquoise you will need Opal. Tanbark or Wallaby for browns & the Currawong for Black . . . . . depending on how many you want."

I wanted to share this with you so if you've ever thought about doing your own dyeing or mixing your own colors, you can use this as a place to start. With just a few basic colors, the possibilities are endless.

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