Saturday, January 2, 2010

So Much Dyeing ~ So Much Fiber on the Way!

Yesterday I literally wore myself out dyeing 22 (4oz) batches of fiber. In this photo you can see 10 unique colors of Firestar laid out to dry in my studio. These will become part of my 3oz Firestar Sampler which should be back in the shop by tomorrow afternoon.

In addition to 12 colors of Firestar, I also dyed 1.5 lbs of soy silk in 6 different shades. I tried painting the soy rather than my usual kettle method and I'm so pleased with the results, that I plan to paint all of my silk from now on. The color saturation came out nice and even and the roving itself was less agitated in the process keeping its integrity intact.

Last, but not least, I dyed a pound of Merino choosing colors that were missing from my inventory as well as two brand new hues. I'm hoping to get them posted tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

So now I have a studio full of dry roving waiting to be packaged up and posted. I was planning on getting much of that done today, but instead I found myself packing up orders all afternoon. Everyone must have gotten fiber money in their stockings this year!

So over the next couple days, I'll be posting pictures and links to all of the new inventory. There are a couple new colors, so stay tuned!

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