Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Midnight Pagoda ~ Carded Wool Batt

Midnight Pagoda is an offering for my guild meeting tonight.  To raise money, my weaving and spinning guild raffles off gift baskets to it members and sometimes will put one together purely as a prize for a function.  The raffles have different themes and this one is a spinning basket.  I could hardly sit at home with a studio full of fiber and not bring anything for this particular raffle so I designed a special wool batt.

Midnight Pagoda is a layering of fibers beginning with Fine Grey Shetland.  This grey represents the shadows in my story.  Next, you'll discover sparkling white Firestar which of course is the moon and the stars.  The Firestar is followed by jet black Merino playing the role of night.  Finally, there's orange/red Corriedale symbolizing the pagoda. It's very sparkly and dramatic and I hope whoever wins it will be very happy.


Love104影音 said...
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Jenn said...

I've never deleted a comment before. I'm sorry if I am mistaken, but pasting the comment into google translate, it seems to have been spam unrelated to my post.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty batt! I wish I had it...*sigh*