Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tiger's Eye Glass Cabochon Beaded Cuff

Every so often I like to pop onto my blog here and show one of my current projects. I usually have a handful of things going at once. I'm still working on my Spindeln├Ąt Scarf that I started in September, but it has currently been shelved to allow me time to make presents for the holidays.

Though I don't have any experience making these, I have started working on beaded cuff bracelets. I have always loved them and I'm hoping some of the women in my family will like receiving them for Christmas.

What I like about projects like this one is that you get to design as you go. It helps to have a general plan, but it seems to help even more to keep your mind open to different possibilities. I am probably crazy to think I'll get several of these made. It's not a particularly fast process and I already have plenty demands on my time. I'm going to try to make them anyway though because I think they are pretty and I really do enjoy the process. I need something that I can wind down to at the end of a long day.

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