Monday, November 16, 2009

Brand New Drop Spindle Kit!

When I sell a drop spindle kit at Wind Rose I get so excited! It means I get to go into my studio and play. I walk in and am surrounded by bins of fiber in every variety and color. I'm kind of used to this, but the luxury of fiber at my fingertips is not lost on me.

I try to pick colors that are generally well liked. I use wool as a base because it is easier for a new spinner to handle, but I add softer fibers too. This roving has soy silk and even cultivated silk. Finally I go for the sparkle. Every Drop Spindle Kit must have some sparkle! For this fiber I included generous amounts of purple Firestar. I believe that learning to spin is even more fun with gorgeous fiber!

Find this Top Whorl Drop Spindle Kit on Etsy too!

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