Monday, November 2, 2009

Mohair Locks and More

After and incredibly busy October, full of travel, birthdays, and Halloween, I'm trying to get myself focused back on my work. I'm starting to feel guilty about how long I've been away from my dyeing and other endeavors.

It's hard to jump back in so I am warming up by going through my studio. It really is a wondrous world of fiber in there! LOL! One by one, I've been going through the different fibers in my inventory making sure I have sufficient stock levels and that everything that should be listed is taken care of.

As I work my way through this process, I am coming across new things to list. Today I have added ecru (or dye free) Mohair Locks. I have been dyeing these myself, but I thought that there might be some fiber lovers who would like them in their natural state. They are very nice. They have a soft curl and a generous 5" staple length. They do have some vegetable matter, but I like to say that the veggies let you know it's real.

Mohair locks are lovely to spin and are terrific for lock spinning. They are also a luxurious addition to any carded wool batt. Often you'll see them used as doll hair for a more natural look than synthetic fibers. Personally, I think they are a lot of fun to dye. I love making my batches of multicolored locks.

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