Monday, November 16, 2009

Handspun Yarn from Springtree Road

It's Monday of a new week and I find myself between projects. I have some yarn on my spinning wheel and some colors on my "To Dye" list, but while I'm working away, I thought I'd share some fiber art from another Etsy seller.

This pretty handspun skein is called Kimono and it comes to us from Sringtree Road. I love her blend of colors here. She has painted Blue Faced Leicester in shades of pink, brown, green and blue and then spun it into a lovely sport weight single.

I always like yarn spun from hand painted wool. I'm conscious of getting a glimpse into the mind's eye of the artist and as a result, a more personal connection is made. This is why I think people are drawn to handmade. Visit Springtree Road to see more from this artist and have a great week everyone!

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