Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Layers of Lace Wrap Around Scarf - New Crochet Pattern!

Today I am excited to share my new crochet pattern.  Here's the Layers of Lace Wrap Around Scarf!  I've been working on this pattern for quite a while now, so it feels great to have it completed and available both on Etsy and on Ravelry.  

As a side note, isn't Instant Download great?  I love designing patterns, but I enjoy buying patterns just as much.  There's nothing quite like the immediate gratification of purchasing a pattern, downloading it, and never having to leave your office chair.  In fact, I went on to Ravelry today to upload my latest, and couldn't help purchasing a beautiful pattern from another designer.


This pattern came to me as I was designing another scarf.  I was going to bundle it with my Free Falling Scarf, but then I decided it was unique and should have it's own billing.  I got so excited about this one, that I haven't finished the Free Falling pattern yet.  I guess I'm designing out of order, but when inspiration calls, you must answer!

I have always loved the affect of layering.  The Layers of Lace scarf uses two different yarn weights to take full advantage of the colors and open stitching.  The lighter, lacy purple takes on a transparent quality allowing the darker layer to show through.  I was thrilled with the way these purples and plums came together, but of course there are endless color possibilities.  Right now I'm working on one in earth tones with blues and greys.  I'll be sure to share that one when it's complete.  

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Sue said...

What a beautiful scarf love the tones and shades in that purple.