Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spinnin' & Chillin'

I decided to do a little spinning yesterday.  It was too hot to sit outside and I didn't feel like being in my studio, so I started to look around my living room for a good spot.  My living room is far from traditional.  It's the cool room in our house.  There's a pool table, flat screen, old school record player; it's more of hangout than a "living room".  Our leather couch sits a little too high for treadling which left our club chairs as the only choice.  The club chairs are modern, swiveling on pedestals and semicircle in shape.  I don't typically spin in chairs with armrests, so I wasn't certain this would work out.

I selected a song and hit the genius button on my laptop and then plopped down.  In addition to my spinning accoutrements, I had a green spray bottle of water next to me.  Spinning out in the open means attracting the attention of our two cats, Costello and Elvis.  They are trained well enough that the mere presence of the water bottle is enough to keep them at a respectable distance.  

I usually use an antique wooden chair when I spin.  I sit with my back straight and my hands fairly centered.  I feel I can spin longer without tiring when I'm balanced.  That's why yesterday was such a departure for me.  I leaned back into the club chair which is actually a very comf seat.  I pushed my wheel a little farther away than usual and stretched my legs out.  I let my elbows rest on the arms of the chair.  When I began to spin, I found myself drafting in a sideways motion.  It was surprisingly pleasant.  I always find spinning relaxing, but I've never felt quite this laid-back.  It felt revolutionary.

I ended up spending most of the day, just spinnin' & chillin' with good music and the company of my teenage son.  He hung out playing video games and we talked about our favorite tunes and stuff.  I was enjoying myself so much that after finishing 150 yards of 2ply, I started in on a thick and thin just because.  For all of you spinners who are way ahead of me and have been hangin' out in this style for ages, all I can say is, "You rule."  If you haven't tried a more laid back posture, I highly recommend it!


Jane McLellan said...

Love the colour on your bobbin! Yes, I sometimes spin in a 'relaxed' posture. It is surprisingly comfortable!

Heather Woollove said...

When the 'funky felter' closed up shop on her blog, I must have lost your link somehow. (She had the best blog roll!!)
Anyway, I've just found you again and I've really missed you, so I am now an 'official' follower so that you don't get 'lost to me' again!! :) XO-

Jenn said...

Hi Heather,

I have really enjoyed your blog as well. I'm afraid my writing has been rather limited this year. I find myself devoting more and more time to teaching and then when I find personal time, I'm desperate to work on projects that have sat neglected for too long. I've actually spent more time on my facebook page this year. It has somehow felt more manageable to update my status than write a whole post. That's sad isn't it? I guess at the end of the day, I'm a fairly typical mom, wife, artisan type; burning the candle at both ends. I hope you are well and as beautifully creative as always,

Cheers, Jenn