Monday, September 10, 2012

Spinning My Milk Sheep Fiber

It was a nice lazy weekend around my house.  My hands needed a break from crocheting, so my thoughts turned to spinning.  I went into my studio and dug a huge bag of German milk sheep fiber out of a corner cupboard.  It's coarse wool, good for rug making, and I need a new rug right now.  The small rug I keep on the back porch is beginning to crumble and it will be nice to replace it with something homemade.  

After spending a large part of the afternoon filling this spool, I have to say that I don't know how people attend long spinning events.  My backside gets so tired of my spinning chair and my neck and upper back ache from being in one aspect for so long.  I guess I don't spin often enough to build up stamina.  This fact is in direct conflict with my determination to spin though my mountain of wool.  Today my chair will receive the addition of a pillow and I'll have to stop and stretch more often.  

What I'd like to do is to spin all of this fiber into a nice heavy 2ply.  Then divide it into around 200 yard hanks to be dyed in a variety of colors.  This would be a nice project to weave on my rigid heddle, but I don't know if I can get myself back into weaving.  Crochet is just so quick and easy for me.  I guess I'll have plenty of time to contemplate this while I'm spinning. 

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Z said...

Wool looks really good. Nice and white and clean.