Friday, May 11, 2012

Home Fibers ~ Part IV

I'm getting back to my series on home fibers today.  My next stop was a visit to my mom's.  My mom is an avid knitter and always has a project in the works.  Here's the sweater she's currently making.  I love the beehive pattern.  As a novice knitter, I look at this and consider how hard I would have to think about what row I was working and the stitch counting, not to mention the inevitable goofs.  My mom, however, knits right along.

I said it before and I'll say it again, it's fun to go exploring for fibers in people's homes.  As this was my mom's, I could snoop rather freely.  Cuddling together in her closet I found Raggedy Ann and Andy.  These dolls have been well cared for as they still look brand new.  In truth they are probably closer to 30 years old.  

On display out in the open, is a more recent addition to my mom's doll family.  She looks a bit like a prairie doll with the apron and long braids.  Growing up in Yorktown, VA, prairie/colonial type dress is part of my childhood and has a nostalgic affect.  

My mom has also done quite a bit of needlepoint.  Above her bed is the angel holding the world and I even found a creation of my own propped up on a chair.  Years ago I made little quilted pillows for my mom and her two sisters.  I printed a favorite picture of the three of them onto fabric and then pieced it together with classic cotton prints and lace. 

These posts are almost starting to feel like a time capsule.  It's interesting to see what people cherish enough to keep and it's touching to revisit the memories that coincide with the fibers in our homes.  

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WonderWhyGal said...

She is quite the fiber artist! The sweater is going to be beautiful and the Raggedy Ann and Andy remind me of the beautiful one's my grandma made me years ago.