Thursday, March 1, 2012

The 2012 Ornament Project ~ March

Five Point Star

Yarn of choice and appropriately sized hook, scissors, large eye needle for finishing

hdc 5 tog - half double crochet five together - *yo, insert hook behind post, yo draw up a loop* five times, yo and draw through all 11 loops on hook (see pictures 2 & 3)

Ch 5
join with sl st to 1st ch to form a ring
Row 1:  ch 2, work 10 dc into ring, skip beg ch 2, join with sl st to 1st dc
Row 2: 
(see picture 1) *ch 2, dc in next st, ch 3, hdc 5 tog around post of dc just made, ch 3, sc into next st* five times (sl st into last st after making 5th point, see picture 4)
Finish off weaving in loose ends. 

Hanging Loop
Cut a 4 to 5 inch piece of yarn.  Tie the ends together with an overhand knot.  Thread the knot end from back to front through the ch 3 space of the top point.  Pass the knot end under the loop end and pull to form a slip knot. (see pictures 5 & 6)

Pattern Note:  To create a six point star, work 12 dc in Row 1 and repeat Row 2 six times. 

*Note:  The reason I begin Row 1 with a ch 2 which I later skip over is to fill the space typically created between the first and last sts.  It would be perfectly fine to ch 3 and have that count as the first dc, dc 9 in circle and join to the top of the beg ch 3.

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