Friday, March 16, 2012

Home Fibers ~ Part I

Hello there.  It feels like a long time since my last post, but I guess it's only been a few days.  This week I'm traveling and I have given myself a little fiber mission.  I'm visiting quite a few homes on this trip, so I thought it would be fun to look for ways people incorporate fiber art in their everyday lives.

The first stop on this trip was to the home of Duane the Great.  He's my husband's grandfather, but our kids know him as Duane the Great.  (I think he approves of the title.)  I knew I would find some fiber on display in his home.  His wife Pauline did handiwork and passed it on to their children.  I wasn't disappointed because right on their kitchen table, being used as an everyday tablecloth was this lovely piece of filet crochet.  

Duane and his wife Pauline were both born in Kansas and from the stories I have been told, it was very much a part of the culture for young women to learn several forms of fiber art.  Pauline's daughter, my mother-in-law, could switch easily from knitting to crochet or embroidery.  Making things by hand seems to be in the blood.  

Pauline passed away quiet a few years ago now, but I was touched to see her wedding accessories still on display as treasured keepsakes.  You can see her pearls, white gloves and lace trimmed handkerchiefs.  My favorite piece is the tatted purse.  I don't know if she made that herself or if it was an heirloom.  It's so delicate that I suspect it may be something that was passed down to Pauline. 

It's nice to see handmade pieces being put to everyday good use whether as a tablecloth or a piece of art.  It's so much more personal than anything you could ever purchase and somehow it gives you a sense of connection.  When I touch the lace of Pauline's tablecloth, I imagine her hands forming each and every stitch.  I think about the time and care she devoted to the project and smile.

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Heather Woollove said...

What a lovely post, Jenn! The framed keepsakes are spectacular!!