Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yesterday afternoon I sat down at my Mac for a quick check of facebook. I follow TED and that's how I learned that Steve Jobs had passed away. My husband and I spent much of our morning coffee time talking about the impact of Steve Jobs on our lives. As long as we have been a couple, Apple Macintosh has been in our home and part of our everyday existence.

I sat down at my first Apple computer in 1995. My husband was ahead of me by a few years and laughed at my newcomer notions and frustrations about computing. In spite of those moments, I still remember being awestruck the first time I chatted about the weather with a stranger from India. It wasn't long before I found the hours zooming by as I explored the world from my desktop. It's been 16 years and there are still moments when I get the chills. What an amazing time to be alive and Apple, in so many ways, has been my tour guide.

With Happy Mac holding my hand all the way, I have gone from wide eyed newcomer, to one of the geekiest women I know. I have two online stores, three blogs, a website, a YouTube channel and of course accounts on gmail, facebook and twitter. I do all of my accounting with Numbers and write all of my patterns on Pages. I keep track of my images on iPhoto and edit my videos with iMovie. Whenever I'm not working at my computer, iTunes keeps me company while I sit and work on my own creations. On the one hand, I'm old fashioned enough to sit at a spinning wheel and spin my own yarn, and on the other hand, I can't imagine life without an Apple in my house.

The profound contribution of Steve Jobs is something to be remembered, celebrated and honored. There was a suggestion that a great way to do this would be to go out and create something. I like that. What if we all focused our energy on creating something new and wonderful? What if our creation added beauty to the world or solved one of life's puzzles? What if it helped everyone to envision the world in a whole new way? What if?

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