Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Purples & The Earth Tones ~ Merino Roving

Here are my last two color families. I don't dye six shades of purple so the grays and black joined that group. All together, starting at twelve o'clock and going clockwise: Violet, Lilac, Periwinkle, Silver, Cinder and Jet Black.

Finally, I give you the earth tones presented in the same order: Golden Brown, Mediterranean, Sun Touched, Nutty, Sandy Beach and Porcelain Fair. Some of these earth tones are from my skin tone line, but I should point out that my Skin Tone Samplers offer even a few more shades with which to create.

I'm actually out of stock of my Skin Tone Samplers right now or I'd share a link. Now that I have all of my 40 shades of Merino finished, I can start dyeing my samplers again. The first sampler will be my Firestar Sampler as I have had a special request and then I'll get working on those skin tones!

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