Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Oranges ~ Merino Roving

I'm back today to show you the oranges. These are the five shades in the orange family that I will be keeping permanently in stock at Wind Rose.

Starting at twelve o'clock and working clockwise, there's Bright Orange, Pumpkin Patch, Burnt Orange, Salmon and Precious Peach.

In each color family I have made an effort to provide light and dark shades and also cool to warm options.

I just dyed another shade today which is more of a rust and I think would be a good addition. Since the Burnt Orange and Pumpkin Patch are similar, I may replace the Burnt Orange with this new, deeper rust color. I like the variety that would add. Plus, this rust is a very prevalent color in nature, so I think it may just be a must have. It's still drying, so I'll be back tomorrow to show you pictures.

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