Friday, March 4, 2011

Night Blue and Silver Firestar

You know, some winters have a way of feeling longer than others. This has felt like a long winter to me. Even living in this more mild climate, we've had freezing temperatures that have left our more delicate, tropical plants struggling. Everywhere you look, the trees and bushes are covered in brown. The new leaves which sprout each January hang lifeless from their branches.

Now, at long last, signs of spring and recovery have arrived. The plants are doing their best to come back and you can see bits of green peeking through the brown. The temperature is rising back up to what is more of the norm for this time of year. The sun is shining and it's warmth is comforting. It feels like a rebirth and as a result, I feel my own spirit elevated.

The warmer weather also means I can work more freely. The climate here in the southwest has become part of my dyeing process. The dry, warm air does wonderful things for my fiber. With the temperatures in the 80's this weekend, I hope to get a lot of good dyeing done. These two sparkling shades of Firestar, Night Blue and Silver, are just the first two fibers in what I hope will be a very productive weekend!

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Spinster Beth said...

Lovely Lovely Roving!