Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keeping Me From My Craft

I cannot believe that I've allowed half a month to pass by since my last post! It's actually been eating away at me because I enjoy this blog so much. Every time I tell myself to just sit down and write something, I think, "but I haven't made anything new".

Today, in an effort to break this chain of silence, I figure I can at least share what has been my distraction. Here it is, our new waterfall! This spring we are giving our backyard a little spruce and as part of our effort, we decided to replace our ever rusting diving board with a waterfall.

I estimate that the entire feature weighs somewhere between 3 and 4 tons and contains 70+ cubic feet of natural rock. I mapped out the design I wanted for my contractor, but the real artistry was performed by a crew of three men who each possess the gifts of incredible strength as well as superb design sensibility. Though I fancy myself visually creative, I must admit that when a pile of boulders was delivered to my home, though I could appreciate their beauty, I could not bring them together in my mind to form such a breathtaking sculpture. Watching this waterfall come together was like watching a piece of performance art!

The waterfall is accessible from either side and we've been climbing all over it like a jungle gym. It has one tall, just off center, platform which provides a thrilling jump into the pool below. On either side there are two, lower, flat surfaced rocks for additional jumping or perhaps to just lounge on. Our water is still a chilly 73ยบ, but that didn't stop my boys from trying things out! As for me, I could sit and watch the water cascade all day. The sound and the beauty is so pleasing.

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Spinster Beth said...

Hi! Welcome back to the blogging! Lovely rock feature, I'm very envious!