Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top Whorl Drop Spindle Kit ~ Sparkling Blue & Teal

I just made another new Drop Spindle Kit. I really need to start making more of these at a time because I'm always finding myself out of stock and it would be nice for customers to have several different roving choices.

Speaking of roving, didn't this turn out beautiful? I swear I almost kept it to spin myself! It has a variegated blue Merino as well as some teal merino. Then I added some curly ecru locks I happen to have on hand. I finished it of with plenty of sparkling blue Firestar. I love how the texture of curly locks comes through and how lofty they made this roving. Whoever buys this kit, is getting some really pretty fiber to spin.

I love making these kits and I think part of the reason why is that when I bought my first drop spindle, it came with very boring fiber. Not only was the fiber boring, but it wasn't even the easiest to spin. It was super duper combed and had no texture to speak of. It wasn't until later, when I purchased nicer fiber, that I realized how good spinning can feel. I want to give new spinners the pleasure of having great feeling fiber along with pretty colors. It's just so much more fun to learn that way!

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