Thursday, May 7, 2009

Palm Tree Farm Fire, Chandler Arizona

So here was my distraction for the week. Talk about unexpected surprises! I went out to get the mail yesterday and saw ash floating through the air. I looked up to see palm trees engulfed in flames not a block away from my home. Once I was confident that the fire fighters were on the scene, I took a little video. There were some anxious minutes, but before long, I and the rest of my neighbors were comforted by the quick and skillful response of the local fire fighters. More than anything, I was relieved that the animal farm next to the grove of palms was spared. No homes were damaged and no people were injured, but some 70 palm trees burned and we are all still smelling the smoke today. It's the closest I've ever been to a big fire and the closest I ever want to be.

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Waterrose said...

Wow. Glad they were able to contain it so quickly. We use to live on Lynx...countryside estates.